Nasara Kinesiology tape

Many world-renowned athlets, including one of the best biathletes Jakov Fak, martial artist Denis Chorchyp and biathlete Andreja Mali, turn to physiotherapy Altea when injuries occur. Althea helps themselfs reducing injuries and relieve pain successfuly with the help of Nasara Original Kinesiology Tape.

A satisfied user of Nasara kinesiology tape is also the winner of the international badminton tournament Slovenia international 2013, Mohamed Misbun from Malasia.

Kinesiology Tapes are applicable in circumstances varying from headaches to sprains and muscle fatigue. Here are some examples of how Nasara Kinesiology Tapes may help you:

1. Effectively accelerate or decelerate muscle contractions

2. Support joint and muscle structures

3. Ease pain and muscle fatigue

4. Facilitate faster muscle recovery and healing of injuries

5. Improve blood and lymphatic flow

6. Diminish the effects of pre-existing and prevent the occurrence of new injuries

7. Moderates accumulation of lactic acid


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Nasara kinesiology tape


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